Pressure Gauges - Dry Gauges

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Welcome everyone. We are The Gauge People. We are here to ensure you choose the correct pressure gauge.

Compressors/ Pneumatic/ Air/ Water

For the above applications, a 'Dry' gauge is sufficient. A Dry gauge is a gauge that does not have Glycerine filling. If you look on most standard compressors you will see a 40mm or 50mm diameter pressure gauge. There are two typical configurations; 1) Bottom entry 2) Back entry. Botom entry means the connection is located at 6 o'clock, back entry the connection is located dead centre at the back of the gauge.

The usual threads for 40mm or 50mm diameter dry gauges are 1/8" BSPT or 1/4" BSPT.  BSPT stands for British Standard Pipe - Tapered.

The normal pressure ranges for 40mm and 50mm Dry gauges are -1bar (-30"hg) to 0 bar. 0-15psi, 0-30psi, 0-60psi, 0-100psi, 0-160psi, 0-200psi, 0-300psi, 0-400psi.

Most dry gauges are dual scale which means that the dial of the gauge has two readings. The first is usually psi, the second is bar, therefore a 30psi gauge also reads 2bar. There is 14.7 psi per 1 bar pressure.

Please feel free to ask The Gauge People any further questions about Dry gauges.

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