Preventing Parking Accidents Pt1 - Alarming Statistic!

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As recently reported by the insurance industry, 33% of all vehicle accidents are caused when parking or reversing. It only takes a split second for your attention to wander or a slight misjudgement... and CRUNCH!
So with such a high number of accidents and insurance claims being made as a result of parking and reversing accidents, the question has to be raised, when will the insurance companies give drivers a discount for fitting a parking sensor to their vehicle?

Well that's an interesting question and the answer has to be a positive and interesting move for the insurance companies.A parking sensor literally gives you eyes in the back of your head, so in essence with a sensor fitted you should be accident exempt, in everyday parking and reversing scenarios!

We've all been involved in everyday driving incidents and with the slightest error we could so easily have hit a car, pedestrian, road sign or curb.Every major city in the world has accidents hot spots and those massive multi storey buildings are a fine example.

Designed to park the biggest number of cars in the least amount of ground space, the problem is they pack the cars
in like sardines in a tin, and space is limited to park, manoeuvre and reverse. They are so poorly lit with low ceilings, enough to make you feel claustrophobic and have the tightest of bends. These are a haven for parking and reversing accidents.

Typically when people use these densely packed parking structures they are either out shopping, at the office, attending to business, or on holiday in the hotel multi-storey. When accidents happen, most drivers are tired and or in need of some brain food, both of which contribute to a lack of  attention to their surroundings and minor misjudgements.

The majority of the time the damage isn't's usually nothing more than a scrape or a bump. In this case the people involved don't usually call the police or choose to swap insurance information. However, often the damage is more serious when you hit a moving car and have no choice but to report the accident, which results in an increase in your insurance premium and run the risk of a driving violation, as it's your fault.

The reality is that parking and reversing accidents can be prevented with a very simple and new technology that can be installed on any vehicle in about an hour. This simple device will pay for itself many times over by reducing the number of small bumps and bangs in which you are involved.

This will ultimately lower the burden on your own pocket, needing to pay for the damage and remove the need to claim on your insurance, and by doing so protect any future insurance policy price increases and enhance your no claims bonus.

To learn more about how this device can help you reduce your insurance claims, click here Parking Reverse Sensor

In Part 2 we'll discuss the different technologies available and which offer you the best protection.

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