Preventing Parking Accidents Pt4 - Car Park Safety

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If you drive on a regular basis, sooner or later you'll park on a public or private parking lot or car park. Maybe you're heading to the shops, to the office or calling to
the doctors for an appointment. You wouldn't think that something as simple as a wide open space with rows of white painted lines, that actually tell you where to park could be such a dangerous place. On a logical level this is an organized way to park.

However parking lots can be treacherous. People can be found riding up and down the rows looking for an open spot, preferably as close to the main entrance as possible. Like vultures they attack the open spaces with complete disregard for you who spotted the space first.

They aren't at all interested in pedestrians casually walking around or completely miss cars leaving and backing out of spaces. They seem to be totally focused on 1 thing;
an empty space they can pull into with the least amount of effort.

A minority even take the disabled spot, illegally. You've seen it, drivers driving straight across the painted rows, going in between the parked cars to make a short cut, just because they saw a space closer to the door and cutting across the rows is the quickest way to get there before someone else gets "their" parking space. 

It's like the last parking space on earth is up for grabs! Although the majority of people drive respectfully in parking lots, there are always a few who zip around with no
respect. People are walking about pushing carts, carrying bags and frequently have a couple of children in tow.

Of course, the pedestrians never look to see if you are backing out of your own parking space and will walk directly into your path without any warning. Most people are on the go or often late and this is when accidents happen. When you are so focused on your next move instead of the parking lot this creates a recipe for

If you do unfortunately hit a car or pedestrian when pulling out of your space, the bottom line is, it's your fault because you were backing up. As you can see hidden dangers are lurking in places where you least expect it.

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In Part 5 we'll discuss the need for 4 eyes in the back of your head.

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