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What A Gift!! Is this the reaction and resulting emotions you are looking for?

 Priceless is- invaluable: having incalculable

monetary, intellectual, or spiritual worth

Unique-  Unique is
  • The embodiment of unique characteristics
  • The only specimen of its kind
  • Existing as the only one or as the sole example
  • Solitary in type or characteristics
  • Having no like or Equal
  • Unparalleled- Incomparable

  • Not typical
  • Unusual
Something becomes personalized when the individual asserts their own thoughts and feelings and relevance to it  in effect a covenant .
Law of attraction dictates that you will be reading this guide having had thoughts of unusual gifts, priceless, due to the thought you are prepared to invest in the pursuit of pleasing another. I dare say that like so many of us, that you want the gift to reflect the individualism, causing your thought processes and the end effect to be a unique gift?

1066 -A significant date in history, The Battle of Hastings, although the battle was fought at the nearby village of Battle. My home faces the shores of 1066 country and during my walks along the beaches with my partner and daughter, we became attracted to the enigma surrounding the occasional find of a beach stone naturally perforated by the crashing sea waves. The attraction to these beach stones has created a significant level of intrigue from visitors to our home who too have been compelled to them. I now have a better understanding as to why, which has prompted me to write this guide hopefully helping those with a quest to locate unique gifts.

Hagstones- This is one name given to a product of natures architecture,stones that have been naturally perforated, by water with a hole running
all the way through. This phenomenon has occurred through the energy of natural running water and as such these stones are normally found only at certain sea shores and riverbeds.


Hagstones are also known as Holy Stones, Holey Stones, Ephialtes Stones, Wish Stones, Nightmare Stones, Witch Stones, Fairy Stones, Faery Stones, Odin Stones, Eye Stones and Witch Riding Stones.

It has long since been believed that, due to natural energy created by the water that passes through these stones, they hold mystical powers. In years gone by it was believed that magick could not work on running water. Therefore, as these stones were created from the forces contained in running water, they retain a protective influence.  This protection can be applied to people or animals.  Human stone owners can guard against ill-fortune and the Evil Eye by hanging the stones around the neck or by placing them over front doors or bedposts to protect against  evil spirits and nightmares.  Animals can be protected by having the stones hung around their neck or on the doors or handles of relevant animal quarters.  Fisherman used the powers by hanging the stones off the bow of their boat to secure large catches of fish and to keep them safe whilst at sea.

The potential health benefits of these stones are well recorded.  Claims of use in folk remedies for the treatment of rheumatism, cramp and various stomach complaints (even easing the labour pains of expectant mothers) are well documented.

To use a stone as a Wish or Pledge stone  they should be held in the palm of the left hand, and rubbed with the thumb in a clockwise manner whilst concentrating on the intent of the wish (this technique was also used with pieces of amber). This technique of creative visualization, using the repetitive rubbing to focus the mind and then concentrating on the desired result (the "wish") enforces the Law of Attraction and manifests these thoughts into reality.

For a hagstone to keep its full power it's owner will have been drawn to it by the Laws of Attraction or given it as a gift of love to another and hence, pass on the mystical powers held within the stone.

I have found my own uses of these stones.  My daughter, for example, hangs hers from her bedroom door to protect her from nightmares and she also makes jewelery items for her family and friends to bring them good fortune.  Other uses have been fireplace decorations, door stops, paper weights and incense burners.  One thing is for sure, if you were looking for a unique or unusual gift that can be personalized then this is a perfect choice.
I hope that this guide has provide you with an idea for a unique personalized gift, to keep track of my auctions visit
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