Priceless Selling Fake 4GB USB Memory Sticks

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You would think buying from a reputable shop, that you would end up with something it says on the tin. But not.... USB Flash Disk, SV-U88 quoted as having 4GB storage capacity is actually a 2GB stick with a piece of software that fouls it in thinking it is 4GB. So great ... more space - whats the worry? Well the problem may only come apparent when you use your memory stick fails after saving your only copy of family photos, or even your last four months of programming work. Or maybe, the essay you need to get to the univerity, as you left it to the last second (or minute). Anyway, the problem is identifing these so called fakes.... How? Well one of the telltail signs is the apparent use of 'lower' characters when your system detects the stick when you stick it in. Another most convincing method is when you use linux (an alternative to the Microsoft Windows Operating System) and use the command: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/t *replace the letter t with the sda drive the USB stick is detected as. After doing this, use fdisk to replace the missing drive initials. When you format the USB stick you notice that it was less than advertised to be... Conclusion:.... a fake. Don't be caught out with these fakes as they only cause grieve when you loss your precious and unreplacable data.
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