Primark - Beware those who jack up prices!

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We aren't all fortunate to live near a Primark, so some eBayers are willing to buy their products via eBay, which is fair enough!

But there are some sellers on eBay (not all) who are selling Primark goods way above the retail price.

Tea dresses for example - I have seen several on here for up to £17.99, that may not seem a lot, but when Primark are selling them for £10 to £12 maximum, I feel I ought to say something!

There are many sellers who are being honest and selling goods on at a resonable price, but beware those who don't.

In my experience, as an avid Primark shopper (I have one down my road), Primark's prices rarely venture above £12.00.

So be wary!


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