Primark Nightwear rip offs - 'Secret Possessions' brand

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Other Ebayers have written warnings to buyers about the number of Sellers offering Primark (Atmosphere) brand clothes at massively inflated prices. This also happens with Tesco (Florence and Fred) and Asda's (George) brand.

There are sellers offering Primark nightwear (Secret Posessions) pyjamas at well over the retail price. At the time of writing  ladies pyjamas in Primark are less than £5 and nighties are less than £3 yet lots of sellers are ripping people off by selling these at up to £8 plus postage. Postage costs are often inflated too. At time of writing it costs c £1.70 to send a pair of ladies pyjamas first class.

The pyjamas are often easy to spot because they come wrapped with a ribbon - but also be aware that sellers remove these. If in doubt ask the seller for the brand name before buying as this is often deliberately left out of the item description.

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