Primark tea dresses

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Hiya and welcome to my guide/rant about some sellers who think they can jack up the price of clothes from primark using bad descriptions and professional photos etc


Has anyone else noticed that some people think its ok to list primark dresses and other items for ridiculously overpriced amounts? For example i looked on e-bay earlier and searched the word tea dress, i managed to find a dress with the seagull pattern (similar to one that is in topshop) which i happen to own myself, listed for 24.99. This is so extortionate when i paid 10.00 for mine brand new from the shop!


I understand some people want to make money out of ebay and i myself do sell items from primark, however why would anyone pay such stupid amounts of money for cheaply made goods, widely available on the high street? some sellers use professional models, photographs etc, so they probably do need to recoup their money but i honestly dont know why they bother, they would make more cash selling there goods at a reasonable price and earning a reputation.

I have also noticed that some 'tea' dresses from primark sold on ebay are not even dresses just long t-shirts that sell in store for under a fiver! people seem to think that by using this word they can get away with selling these items, if you really want this seasons goods at a good price you should visit the high street if not to buy but to get a good idea of how much you should be paying for items!

Im not slagging off people in general and i myself use ebay to sell ladies clothing and items from primark, many sellers do use common sense when listing and are obviously making an effort to keep costs down,


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