Print head cleaning.

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Hi Everybody ,

Many printers have the print head built into the carrier .

By allowing them to stand unused , even for a week will lead to the ink drying and blocking the head.

This costs a fortune in ink to simply sit there pressing the clean head button.

All you need is to buy a bottle of Methulated Spirits.

THIS IS HIGHLY INFLAMABLE AND MUST BE KEPT AWAY FROM ALL / ANY FORMS OF IGNITION SOURCE - Flames - Cigarettes - Sparks - Cookers - Fires - Heaters - Hairdryers etc .Turn off any appliances before cleaning .Allow to dry before reasembling  / turning back on .

By simply swabbing the heads with a soaked cotton bud ( works great on vcr heads as well as pcb contacts  ) you quickly remove the old dryed on ink .Alternativly put a couple of drops on the sponge that sits under the print head carriage and turn the printer off , this will raise the sponge upto the head and allow for a soaking to take place .I did this recently on a printer bought off ebay that had stood for at least 2 years , An it cleaned the heads beautifuly .Admittedly i had to do this 3 times ,And give it 1 clean using the ink - but think of the ink i saved .

For the cartridge with head built in , Simply swab or dip the heads in the Meths and dab onto kitchen towel a few times untill you get the band / bands of colour comming through onto the towel in neat blocks of colour .

But iff the heads are indeed worn out  , then no ammount of cleaning will bring them back to life .

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