Printer Paper for Photos - A Guide to Choosing Photo Paper

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There is a great range of photo paper for all different projects. This guide should help you navigate the often confusing options and make sure you choose the right photo paper for your requirements.
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Photo paper finish

Photo paper is available in different finish options. We stock Glossy, Satin and Matte photo paper.
Glossy photo paper is the most widely used finish. A gloss finish looks and feels luxurious. Colours appear to be brighter and more vibrant. It’s these sharp, rich colours that are the main benefit of the gloss paper. The one downside of this type of finish is that the reflective surface can result in glare under certain viewing angles or bright lighting conditions. Consider this if you are planning on framing your prints as the glass may amplify the effect. Gloss paper is great for a number of applications including:
•           Bright colour photography
•           Modern family portraits
•           Photographic portfolio
•           Wedding photos
You can check out our listing for 150 sheets of Wilko 6x4 170 gsm glossy photo paper at just £4.98 with free UK delivery on eBay here

Matte finishes are a perfect choice for black and white photography. If you are looking for a vintage feel then matte paper is a great option. This finish is much less reflective than gloss so glare is not an issue but it doesn’t have the upmarket look and feel of glossy paper. Matte paper can hold finer detail than a glossy paper, which can be important for images where detail and texture are critical. Particularly suited to situations such as:
•           Black and white photos
•           Sepia photographs and old family photos
•           Artistic landscapes
•           Canvas effect photographs
You can see our Wilko matte photo paper on eBay here

The satin finish is situated precisely in the middle, between the glossy and matte finish. It benefits from a level of glossiness, but nowhere near that of the actual glossy finish. It can be the perfect compromise between the two as it is less shiny and reflects far less light than gloss paper. You get the best of both: the gloss benefit of sharper colours, brightness and vibrancy, and the matte benefit of a photo that is easier to view under strong light. Satin photo paper is a super option for:
•           Pictures for home or office
•           Photo album
•           Scrapbook
•           Work portfolio
We have Kodak satin photo paper available here
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Photo paper weight

We stock a range of photo paper from 100gsm to 280gsm. The weight, which is measured in GSM (grams per square meter or g/m²) relates to the thickness of the paper. Thicker paper can be useful but isn’t necessary for all applications. For example brochures and posters tend to be printed on thinner paper. Photos will benefit from using thicker paper.

Types of printers

We stock photo paper compatible with all brands of inkjet printers. As long as your inkjet printer is capable of accepting the size of photo paper selected it will be compatible.

Photo Paper sizes

We also have different sizes of photo paper. You can choose from 6” x 4”, 7” x 5” and A4 sizes.
  • The 6” x 4” size is the usual photo size in the UK. If you want prints to match the size of your old traditional film photos then you will probably find your old prints are 6” x 4” so this is the best choice.
  • The 7” x 5” inch size is a little larger but there are still photo albums available for this size.
  • A4 size photo paper is great for printing posters and also for larger photo prints to frame for display. 

Where to see our products

We have a great range of photo paper in stock now to suit all your photographic printing needs. Please take a look at our selection at the Allcam eBay shop.
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