Private Auctions and Feedback - scam or just privacy?

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Setting eBay Sale to Private

Since eBay decided that if you set your feedback to private you cant sell (because they think you are trying to hide something) I have set most of my items for sale auctions as private auctions so the bidders identies are hidden - this is done for the privacy of my buyers. I feel its far too easy for people to look at your feedback and see all of what you have been buying and selling. I therefore emplore all sellers to do the same - just tick the " private auction" box - I dont want people looking at what I've been buying - not that its anything embarrassing just none of their business!!

Scam alert

Unfortunately - AGAIN - yet another SCAM. Some sellers are driving up their feedback score by selling 0.01p or 99p private buy it now items to build up their reputation very quickly. As the sales are private you cant see if they sold something for 1p or £1000 - perhaps ebay should leave the price visable but keep the auction details private?? The scamming seller then offers high price items at a "too good to be true" price to do a hit a run with the new buyers money. Its hard to spot these but if EVERY SINGLE transaction from a seller is private then I would be slighty suspicious (unless they are actually selling items that should be private eg fertility aids, adult toys etc). You can only use some common sense and watch the transaction closely if you really must buy from them.

Remember if you suspect anything dodgy and the seller is not responding - contact eBay immediately and start a paypal claim if neccessary.

Change the Feedback system?

I think the Buyer Feedback and Seller Feedback of a user should be able to controlled separately by the user. If I want to set my buying feedback as private I should be able to do so but still have my previous seller feedback viewable to my buyers can see i have nothing to hide. Maybe something for eBay to consider??

If you agree with this click that this guide was usefull for you and it should help raise sellers awareness.
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