Private Ebay Seller or Registered Business Seller

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It has long been a known fact that private sellers can hide their physical location on their selling page on ebay. Consumer laws and ebay dictate that all Registered Business sellers should reveal their location and contact details on either their selling page or on their Home Page. Private sellers tend not to sell many items throughout the course of  the year. There is an exception however when a Private Seller lists in excess of many hundreds of items on a regular basis. This type of Trader seems to think that they are above Consumer laws and hide their location and contact details in an attempt to avoid having a returns policy as is required by Business Sellers.

Many Private Sellers prefer not to become registered as Business Sellers when they are selling dodgy goods, or are in receipt of State Social Security Benefits. Many advertise, No Returns Accepted,  and expect to walk away from any responcibility for the items they are selling. There are other Private Sellers who find it convenient to hide their physical location and contact details when they are promoting a friends selling experience on ebay through the feedback system. If it was known that they lived only five miles apart then someone might start asking questions and begin to watch their listings.

Ebay claim that a seller cannot list a large volumn of items on an annual basis and further claim that their system will alert the seller to become a Registered Business Seller. Ebay is not able to say what action the system takes when this alert is ignored. It would appear that a Private Seller can list 1000s of items with no problem whatsoever.

Report the Scammers to HM Custons & Excise.

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