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There are various ebay guides that cast unfair doubt on ebayers who choose to use private feedback.  As a private feedback user, I would like to explain our reasons for having private feedback.  I buy antique items on ebay and I then sell on my own private site, and I make a modest profit.  If my feedback were open to the public then my potential customers would know when I bought a particular item, and how much I paid for it, and as I am not selling that item in ebay it really is none of their business.
Another thought... if you had to publish, on a website, every item of shopping, clothing, equipment etc that you buy in the shops for public examination, would you be happy?  ebay is effectively a shop that wants its customers to publicise all their personal purchases.  I feel that feedback is a good idea, but that the feedback should be just that, and that the item description and amount paid should remain private.  Until ebay addresses this privacy concern I choose to maintain private feedback.
The scare mongers out there who say beware of private feedback, he's obviously hiding something are really not making much sense, as ebayers with private feedback CANNOT SELL ON EBAY, they can only buy, and if they buy, and they pay, then the seller really has nothing to worry about. 
Private feedback does not indicate shill bidding, questionable practices or a dodgy seller (they cannot sell), it purely indicates a frequent buyer's wish that ebay would allow feedback but give the buyer, not necessarily the seller, but certainly the buyer the privacy of not having to have his or her personal purchases subjected to public scrutiny, and this could be achieved if ebay were to avoid including a description of the item and its cost with the actual feedback.  Imagine ladies being forced to carry their santitary towels, vibrators and underwear home from the shops in TRANSPARENT bags!!!!  It is the same principal.
Have feedback based on the buying or selling experience and service, and give the buyer the privacy he or she would expect from any normal shop.  Amazon feedback is much better in this respect.

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