Private or Hidden Feedback - WHY????

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I don't know about you guys but whenever I buy off ebay I always check the feedback of the person I wish to buy off. I even check the feedback of anyone who is bidding on our stuff - you really can't be too careful.

How many times have you looked at an item which looks really good only to see that the person has kept their feedback private?

Does this put you off? You bet it does!

Should it put you off? Possibly not always.

If a person has almost one hundred percent feedback and quite a few of them then there must be a reason why they are keeping it hidden.

1.They could just be buying things off ebay and then reselling them and they don't want people to know that they only paid a fraction of the asking price for it. Would you want to pay two hundred quid for something if you knew the seller had only spent twenty quid on it??

2. They might be buying items of a personal nature and dont want all and sundry knowing what they have purchased - imagine you buy a lot of underwear for example - would you want the world and his dog knowing that you are a 32a and use chicken fillets to boost your cleavage? Or that you have tried every kind of acne remover available and use it by the bucketload?? Or that your feet reek and you order odour eaters in wholesale packs of six hundred coz the problem is so bad?? Or that you spend most of the money you earn on ebay buying tacky porn movies??? I didn't think so. Sometimes people want their private life to remain just that - PRIVATE!! It's amazing what you can learn about a person from what they buy on eBay. I once checked a persons feedback only to find that most of their transactions were for penile enhancement creams, hair removal devices and sexual aids - not something that a person would really want other people to know that they are buying!!

Another way to check on the legitimacy of a seller is to click on their name, then click on their items for sale and then go down on the list to the left on the screen and click on completed listings and then search. You will then be able to see all the items they have sold within the last month and how much they sold them for. This will weed out those who have only listed up two or three items in their entire ebay career and are passing themselves off as real sellers and those who consistently sell on ebay and consistently give good service.  If in doubt as well you can always click on the completed listings and possibly contact the buyer of their items to see what they actually thought of the item and service.

You could also try the ask seller a question button - ask them a mundane question about the item and then see if they answer - the real sellers (ie: the ones that won't leave you hanging for weeks without contact) will get back to you within 24hrs maximum and answer your question politely. If they answer quite rudely then you can then make your own decision as to whether or not to buy from them - if they are rude before the sale imagine how they will be after they have your money!!

Hope that this helps people to understand why some people keep their feedback hidden and not to alway be put off by sellers who wish to keep their lives anonymous. And maybe gives you a few pointers in how to check on their legitimacy yourself as you could be missing out on some absolute bargains by not knowing how to check and not wanting to risk bidding.

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