Product Enterprise 13 inch Movie Dalek and Saucer

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Undoubtedly the best remote control Dalek model yet by this enterprising company, dedicated to 60s chic.

These new Movie Daleks for 2006 are huge - being over 13 inches tall - so they visually dwarf the latest TV versions being produced by Character Options.

They are based on the props from the second Dalek cinema film from 1966: Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD - which starred Peter Cushing as the Doctor.

As such, they all come equipped with the larger colourful "beaker" ear lights, in either red, blue or yellow, which flash when the model speaks.

The Movie Daleks are also identifiable by their  deep fairground bumper-car-style fenders and spanner-like silver claw arms - instead of the usual sucker.  Although not all Daleks in the film were equipped with claws.

In this respect, some of the Gold Dalek Supreme  models in this range are  inaccurate, as he had a sucker arm in the movie. Presumably production costs were the reason for the original omission in the PE model, although this mistake was rectified in later batches.

The Gold Supreme,  with black hemispheres, was the last version to join the originally announced trio of Silver with blue hemispheres (Soldier), Black with gold hemispheres (Commander) and Red with silver  hemispheres (Saucer Commander).

If you have to choose one above the others, the Red Saucer Commander is arguably the most eye-catching of the paint-jobs on offer. He is also distinguishable by his natty red and black two-tone bumper.

You shouldn't confuse this latest release of Movie Daleks with the smaller 8 inch versions Product Enterprise brought out in 2005, to celebrate the first AARU Productions film: Dr Who and the Daleks. There are subtle design and colour differences, apart from size. The TARDIS-shaped control units on the smaller models are also infra red.

As with all the Product Enterprise remote control Daleks, the arm and gun are poseable and the motorised head turns left and right, while the eyestick moves up and down in patrol mode, as the Dalek slides menacingly across the floor. The new unit is powerful and will work well on most carpeted areas too.

Speech is automated, unlike the Character Options models, so you don't get to choose which movie phrases the Dalek booms out.

The motor in these models is more refined, being smoother and whisper-quiet when compared  to  the grinding motors in the TV Daleks. Conversely, the sound clips - taken directly from the movie - are characteristically loud and chilling. There are 10 sound bytes:

"All Daleks proceed to Control Point. Destroy all resistance."

"Explosive device is now set. Release will be at 20 Rels; explosion will be at 50 Rels."

"General Alert! All Daleks to main ramp. We are under attack! Emergency! Emergency!"

"Intercept escaping humans in river area."

"Rebels of London, this is our final warning! Leave your hiding places!"

"Release the explosive device. Order all Daleks to subdue the rebellion!"

"Robotising process completed."

"Take the prisoners to the spaceship. Move!"

"When the Earth's magnetic core is extracted, we can pilot this planet to the vicinity of our own and occupy it."

Then, of course, there is the customary: "You will be exterminated!"

There is no gun sound effect with this model.

The battery compartments for both the Dalek and the remote control unit are well constructed and easier to manage than some of the earlier models. Each Dalek operates on a frequency of either 27 or 40 MHz  and comes complete with 6 AA batteries for the main unit and a  9 volt battery for the remote.

 However, the batteries provided are not the best available and for optimum performance it is advisable to switch them for long-life batteries as soon as possible.

Another shortfall is the cheap metal used by the Chinese factories for the screws in these toys. They melt under any excessive pressure from your screwdriver.  So be careful when changing batteries, or you will end up riveting the compartments closed.

Again, these two small screws are something else you might want to replace early on.

The Movie Dalek comes equipped with a beautifully crafted model of the Flying  Saucer from the film, which doubles as the remote control unit. This will become a collectable in its own right, without any doubt, doubling the future value of these particular Daleks. There has never been a commercially available model of the Saucer before.

While many of these remote control Movie Daleks will be purchased as toys, their detailing is exceptionally good and they are really more of a collector's item, to be cherished by enthusiasts and rapidly grow as an investment as the years roll by.

The RRP is £49.99. Although these models are currently available from some ebay sellers, Product Enterprise have now sold out of  their stock until February 2007 - which again gives an indication of their future value.




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