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There seems to be some confusion by some sellers as to how they describe their items.

So, you might get someone who 'borrows' an image of a similar product from elsewhere on the web and uses it in their listing but doesn't make clear that the photo is not of the actual item being sold. And when you mention it to them they will say - 'I never said it was the actual item'. My view - stupidly I guess - is that the image in a listing is the actual item unless the seller actually says that it is not. In future I will make a point of asking sellers about the pictures.

What does 'Brand New; mean? To me - again perhaps rather naively - it means in exactly the same condition as it would be if I had just gone and bought it in a shop. Clean, unmarked and probably still in its original wrapping. Opened packages and dog-eared instruction books imply not brand new. 

So - just be careful. Don't assume that all sellers have the same common sense as you do! And ask questions (although some sellers seem to be incapable of replying until too late). 

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