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Do you have products to sell on E-bay? You would ask, why eBay. We would say because it is the biggest e-commerce portal in the world today. Apart from being one man’s vision and smart use of technology, eBay is providing livelihood to many Americans and other people worldwide. According to a survey by AC Nielsen in 2005, 724,000 Americans have confirmed that their livelihood depends on eBay. That is an astounding number of people. Apart from this number, at least another 1.5 million people have said that they make an extra income by selling their products on eBay. Last year, the sales were very high as almost 150 million registered users sold their products on eBay. The transactions amounted to over $34 billion. This makes e-bay the biggest online market place globally.

Why EBay
If you are wondering why so many entrepreneurs, sellers and other merchants are selling their products on eBay then the answer is quite simple. The answer to this question is in the 7-step method mentioned below.
1.It is extremely convenient and easy to start a business on eBay.
2.You do not need to make any huge investments for starting your business on eBay as you would normally require while starting a business.
3.There are no guidelines or special skill set requirements for starting a business on eBay. Even the vendor next door can get his company on eBay.
4.Apart from certain products termed as illegal, you can sell virtually anything available under the sun on eBay.
5.You will get to work on an existing database of 150 million people and counting.
6.If you are worried about page views then here is the fact. EBay gets somewhere around 1.5 billion page reviews every month. Therefore, you can imagine the kind of traffic that can visit your page and the chances for transforming into customers is very high.
7.The last but not the least, you get to work your time. You can sell on eBay sitting anywhere in the world and at any time. EBay never sleeps!

So What Can You Really Sell on Ebay?
According to a research conducted by Forrester research, maximum online growth has been recorded for products purchased by women. Some of the products that have recently logged more than 10% of overall sales are computer hardware & software, travel related stuff, books are a favorite always, consumer electronics, cosmetics, Toys, fragrances, video games, gifts etc. E-bay has a dedicated section for sellers called “Seller Central” and here you can get all the required information to sell your product on eBay. The two interesting links are: what’s hot and category tips. Then there is the eBay pulse where you will get to see the top 10 searched categories, list of stores, most watched auctions etc. You can even have your own online garage sale on eBay. You can also choose the option for drop shipping. The avenues and opportunities are as big as the market is. There are no limits to what you can really sell and how much you can really earn on eBay.

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