Professional Hair Straightener Buying Guide

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Professional Hair Straightener Buying Guide

A new hairstyle is probably one of the most noticeable changes that women, or style-conscious men, can choose for themselves. It does not necessarily have to be a completely different haircut that makes people turn their heads. A simple hairdo can also work wonders, and it does not need to take much time. Hair straighteners can offer a wide range of style opportunities, from sleek hair to waves and curls. A good hair straightener can be used to create many different hairstyles, each taking less than an hour, and it is possible to choose a different style each day.

Hair straighteners are sold in many high street supermarkets as well as beauty shops, but they can be also be conveniently purchased on online auction sites, such as eBay. By using professional hair straighteners that have advanced features and treat the hair well, it is possible to achieve salon-quality results without even leaving the home. A professional hair straightener is a good choice for a woman who cares about her hair and needs a durable straightener.

Benefits of Using a Professional Hair Straightener

Professional hairdressers use hair straighteners for many hours throughout the day, and therefore use special hair straighteners that are durable and do not overheat easily. As they are used to provide a paid service, the straighteners have to be able to provide the best results to keep the customers satisfied. Chances are that such appliances are better for hair health than other products, because they use the most advanced technologies. Using professional hair straighteners regularly can also help to seal the hair cuticle, thus transforming frizzy hair into sleek and smooth strands that shine. A flat iron is also great for adding volume, and can actually be used, without any additional tools, to create curls and waves. With a professional hair straightener, expensive hair products may not be required, because one appliance performs all the desired tasks.

Professional Hair Straightener Widths

Hair straighteners are divided into types by their width. The wider the plates of the hair straightener, the longer hair it can be used on. With wider plates, it is easier to style very thick and long hair, while it could take too long with narrower plates. The following chart presents the common widths and the hairstyles suitable for them.

Plate Width (cm)




Suitable Hairstyle


Short to medium

Long and thick

When buying hair straighteners, the plate widths may not be included in the specifications. However, sometimes the specifications include information about what kinds of hairstyles can be achieved with that particular hair straightener.

Professional Hair Straightener Plate Materials

Professional hair straighteners are also characterised by their plates. The plate types refer to the materials used. It is worth considering different materials because their heat conductivity capabilities vary. Ceramic plates are generally preferred over metals because metal can damage the hair if the hair straightener is used regularly and often.

Ceramic Plates

Ceramic-coated plates heat up quickly, and they are known for their good heat conductivity, ensuring that the plate has the same temperature all over its surface. Ceramic plates do minimal damage to hair, because the friction between the plate and the hair is low. This helps in maintaining good hair health. Solid ceramic plates are a step up, as they retain a constant temperature throughout the hairstyling process and give a very smooth and shiny finish. They are also effective because hair can be straightened in one go.

Ceramic Plates With Tourmaline

Tourmaline ceramic plates make use of infrared and ionic technology. Infrared heat creates a high-shine finish, while negative ions lock the moisture in the hair by breaking down water molecules, removing static that would otherwise produce frizz.

Ceramic Plates With Teflon Coating

Some ceramic plates are additionally covered with non-stick Teflon that helps to slide the straighteners through the hair effortlessly. This keeps hair products from building up on the plates so that the plates stay clean and in working order. Other ceramic plates that have a Teflon coating that includes diamonds, making the process of straightening really smooth.

Plates With Nano Technology

Today, nano technology is also used in the plates, and its main benefit is that it provides constant heat during the process. Nano technology together with diamonds provides the smoothest surface and transfers heat well.

Other Plate Materials

If the plate is coated with silver, the straightener has an antibacterial effect, because silver is known for its antimicrobial properties. Silver plates remove bacteria from the hair. Titanium plates are relatively expensive, but they can maintain constant heat levels without effort and can straighten the hair quickly, causing less damage to the hair than some other plates.

Professional Hair Straightener Features

Professional hair straighteners come equipped with many advanced features that make styling relatively easy. However, it is also worth looking out for basic features as well. The main features have to do with the heat conductivity and the hair straightener's ability to stay warm.


Hair straighteners with a variable temperature setting are the best, because they are suitable for different types of hair. Fine, thin hair generally requires less heat, although the heat should not be always turned up for thicker hair either. Heat can damage the hair when the straightener is used too often. Although it takes longer, even a colder temperature setting can be enough. The automatic shut-off feature that some professional hair straighteners have is suitable for absent-minded people and can help to prevent accidents. A digital display is great for people who want to know the exact temperature of the straighteners.


It is easy to generate a variety of hairstyles if the straightener has some small additions. A curled housing helps to create a smooth and rounded shape when the hair is curled around the straightener. Curls are formed this way. Some multi-functional hair straighteners provide even more styling possibilities.


For travel, there are special features to look out for in order to save space in one’s luggage. Cordless hair straighteners are easiest to use when on the go, because they don’t require a power outlet. Cordless straighteners work on gas energy cells that can be disposed of once they run out. However, dual voltage hair straighteners, which can be used all over the world, are also suitable for travel.

Finding a Suitable Professional Hair Straightener

Hair type is the main factor that determines the nature of a desirable hair straightener. Different types of hair require different treatment and temperatures. The plate size could also be affected by the hair type. The following chart summarises the features people should consider.

Hair Type


Fine, thin

Medium, wavy, and normal

Coarse, thick, and curly

Plate Size

Determined by type and length


Above shoulders: 1.3-3.2 cm

Shoulder-length: 2.5-3.8 cm

Long: 3.2-5 cm

Above shoulders: 2.5-3.8 cm

Shoulder-length: 2.5-5 cm

Long: 3.8-5 cm

Temperature (C)

Below 140

Below 160



If the hair is damaged or very fine, the temperature should be raised gradually in order to avoid further damage and breakage. Dry ends and frizz are both indicators of excessive heat. In fact, it is best to start with the lowest temperature for any hair type, especially when the hair straightener is new and the settings are unfamiliar.

Buying a Professional Hair Straightener on eBay

If you are looking for a professional hair straightener on eBay, start your search by typing the keywords into the search box located at the top of any eBay page. The easiest way is to start with the basic search terms, "professional hair straightener", although you can include the brand if you have any personal preferences. After you receive the initial search results, you are presented with related searches that offer similar products. Click on them if you do not find what you are looking for in the first place. When facing a long list of results, you can narrow them down by sorting them by price or auction time. You can also set the item condition or the location of the seller. The closer the seller is to your location, the less you have to pay for the delivery. If you are lucky enough to find a local seller, you may be able to arrange a local pick up.


Changing one’s hairstyle is a quick and easy way to get a makeover, and it can actually be done on a daily basis when there is time to spare. Hair can be damaged when it is in constant contact with heat, so it is best to choose professional appliances that use the most advanced technologies. Professional hair straighteners are great for styling and they can give a sleek look in no time. Moreover, many also offer a curling feature, and they can be used to create waves. The best models have variable temperature options, and can be adjusted according to the hair type. Finer and damaged hair should generally be styled at lower temperatures than thick and curly hair.

The heat conductivity and the plate’s impact on hair largely depends on the material used for the hair straightener’s plate. Professionals prefer ceramic plates over metal ones because they create less friction. Ceramic plates can come with a Teflon coating that further enhances their smoothness. Today, nano technology and titanium are also preferable options. When it comes to choosing the best hair straightener with the most suitable plate width, both the hair type and the hair length should be considered.

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