Professional Job Interview - Clothing Considerations

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Professional Job Interview - Clothing Considerations

Times are tough at the moment in the economy, and competition for jobs is increasing.  To differentiate yourself between the competition your choice of clothing could be the critical factor.

So what are the considerations, when dressing to impress?  Lets look at a couple of alternatives for professional and/or office based jobs.

1.  Professional / office Job

A job which is customer facing, or demands high professional standard will require a level of sartorial elegance.  You need to dress in a manner that portrays the ethics and standards of the company.  

We recommend:  dark black, navy or charcoal suit; plain in style, with a crisp white shirt.  The suit needs to be single breasted with 3 front buttons.  The trousers should be flat or single pleated fronts with no cuffs/turn-ups.  The shirt can be a regular or cut-away collar, but needs to be plain.  Consider a shirt with French cuffs - and choose a smart pair of cufflinks that match the colours of the tie.

A tie can add an element of flair - to reflect your personality, but don’t go for bright colours.  Diagonal stripes of 2-3 dark colours will be ideal.  Avoid bright colours and noisy patterns.  Shoes - go for black, with thin laces.  A capped oxford or brogue would be appropriate.  Buy new - and this will finish off a fully rounded appearance.

2.  Professional office / relaxed atmosphere

A job where minimal customer contact face to face is evident, and where the office environment is more relaxed and dress down could allow you to experiment a little more with your job interview attire.  Suit wise - consider a navy suit, 2 button and wear the bottom button undone.  With the shirt, go for a dark colour, plain or striped, but keep the colour contrasts minimal.  A cut-away collar is a modern touch, and a button cuff is ideal.  Trousers should be plain or single pleated.

Your tie can be less conservative, but try to keep to 2 colours and simple patterns.  Silver and navy with diagonal stripes would be a good choice.  A lot of the Italian design houses are great a such styles.

With shoes - modern, Italian styles shoes - slip-on or laces are appropriate.  Keep with black.  Buy new - and this will finish off a fully rounded appearance.
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