Prohibited Items

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Prohibited Items For Sale

Please be aware of eBay’s rules regarding what it classifies as ‘prohibited’ items for sale, because its policy is NOT as straightforward as you might think.

eBay has very blatant double standards with regards to what it deems to classify as a prohibited item and you CAN’T rely upon your own knowledge of UK State Law to guide you nor your own common sense, because eBay doesn’t use UK State Law as its guide in these matters; but instead typically seeks the opinions of trade bodies and trade membership organisations to support their rule-setting - which leads to the suspicion that eBay may be more concerned about treading on the toes of corporations that might sue them, rather than seeking to protect buyers (especially the vulnerable and/or gullible ones).

You will see when you have a wide browse that there are MANY incongruous items for sale that common sense dictates shouldn’t really be sold on eBay; such as hunting knives, illegal downloads sold on discs, and software that should only be sold together with hardware, etc. However all of this and more is permitted - and don’t even get started on what’s ‘offensive’, because eBay totally has it’s own ideas about what is or is not ‘appropriate’ or ‘offensive’!

eBay interprets their own ‘prohibited items’ regulations in an apparently arbitrary way; most especially with regards to what it deems ‘banned’ among prescribed and/or medical items. For example, upon searching you’ll discover products for sale that GPs, consultants, and nurses (I used to be a nurse so have some experience of their opinions) do not recommend the untrained general public to ‘play with’ at home; such as, blood pressure monitors, acupuncture products, and many other ‘medicinal’ items for sale on eBay that may be misused or misunderstood without training - and are only sold via CHEMIST shops or specialist outlets in the UK, usually ‘over the counter’ after asking the trained assistant or dispensing Chemist about it.

One of the most amazing examples of double standards by eBay is that all products it deems as requiring a prescription or consultation, or should only be sold via a medical professional are STRICTLY and immediately banned - yet eBay permits LASER EYE SURGERY to be sold here via vouchers!! Yet eBay will NOT allow disposable non-prescriptive cosmetic fashion contact lenses to be sold, which are completely legitimate products that ANY retailer can legally sell to adults in the UK without ANY form of prior consultation, and thousands of sports fans and clubbers safely wear them as fun accessories every year!! Bizarre that SURGERY is deemed as non-medical, yet disposable fashion lenses are classed the same as illegal drugs in eBay’s regulations! Go figure; because I can’t work this out.

eBay classifies as ‘prohibited’ and bans LEGAL products without any opportunity for discussion with the seller, and will NOT accept your pleas for exemption, no matter how valid your case is - so please bear this in mind, especially if you’re seeking to sell ANYTHING that could remotely be classed as a ‘medicinal’ product, however innocent you believe it is. It’s advisable to email eBay admin first to find out if they’ll remove your listing - because they’ll do so within hours of you putting the product online (plus any bids or sales) and they WON’T contact you first; everything relating to the item will simply disappear, plus you’ll lose all your fees - so be warned; eBay’s rules regarding prohibited items are NOT what you might expect!

Just because you see knives for sale here, and surgery, and other items similar (or ‘worse’) than you want to sell, PLUS you know it’s LEGAL to sell them (as with zero-rated cosmetic lenses) it doesn’t necessarily mean that eBay admin will agree with you. So ALWAYS be prepared to log-on and discover that your listings, bids, and sales for anything eBay perceives as ‘prohibited’ have totally disappeared without notice!

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