Protect Your Computer / PC From Virus, Trojans, Hacks

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Protecting Your PC is a MUST!

With so many Virus attacks / Trojans & Hackers wanting to kill/attack your PC & Data - you MUST protect your PC that holds valuable data. Your username / password can be obtained by some nasty Hacker AND you don't want to give them away DO YOU.

So What Can You Do - To Protect Your PC

  1. Install Antivirus software. I use AVG the free version and that protects my PC from virus attacks (it even checks my emails for any virus/trojan)
  2. Install AntiSpyWare software. I am currently taking advantage of MS AntiSpyWare (Beta version, free). This updates it's self and protects/detects SpyWare which I find has become more of a problem and so you must protect your PC.
  3. Install Firewall software. I use ZoneAlarm the free version [I don't like spending money :-) ]. This is better than the standard XP firewall (which I have switched off since I have ZoneAlarm). The firewall will keep them hackers at bay.
  4. NOW YOU HAVE ALL ABOVE you must keep them updated to utilise them fully. If you like the free versions then I would suggest buying the full versions (especially if you are not a computer Engineer like me - the full versions are much easier to use and you will get support)

Don't delay get your PC protected today before it's too late!

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