Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

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Types of Sun Protection

Skin has a unique defence against sun damage known as melanin; this is the brown pigment on skin and is a natural filter against UV light.  Melanin is produced in the lower layers of the skin and gradually ‘migrates’ up towards the outer layers and there are many skin types, some with more and some with less melanin in their skin.

Sun lotions do not replace melanin but are designed to protect the skin from UV radiation and can be divided into 2 categories; a physical barrier and chemical barrier.

These act as a total barrier to UV radiation and are incorporated into a cream or lotion.  They are mainly mineral based filters and form an ‘invisible shield’ to prevent the UV radiation reaching the lower layers of skin cells. These minerals include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which can be found naturally occurring in nature.

Chemical filters convert UV light into less harmful forms of radiation, such as infra-red, which is heat.  To do this the chemical filter must alter its structure thereby losing the sun screen properties in the process.  This is why it is important to re-apply chemical filter based lotions frequently and initially apply 30 minutes before sun exposure.

However, as we all know, the best possible protection from the sun is to wear a hat, keep covered and stay out of the sun during the times when it is at its zenith.  And remember to use sun screen!
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