Protect Yourself From Ebay Scammers and Fraudsters

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Protect Yourself  From Ebay Scammers and Fraudsters

In this guide i will try to help new and experianced ebayers from protecting themselfs from being a victim of scams right here on ebay.


  • If something is too good to be true it probably is - If you find something that is way below the ebay value, being sold at a buy-it-now price it is probably a scam. Why would a genuine seller sell something that he could easily sell for £200, and is selling it for only £150, the only reason people are selling on ebay is to make as much money as quickly as they can, so why would he take a reduction in profits by £50.
  • The most important thing is to check the sellers feedback - If a sellers feedback is very low and is selling expensive items and has not sold items of such value before, then he could be a scammer, but remember not always. If the seller has low feedback but is accepting paypal as a payment method and is verified(i will let you know why later in the guide), then he might be a genuine seller.
  • Never purchase from a chinese(asian seller) with numerous similar expensive items for sale - If a chinese seller has a low feedback rating and is selling numerous ipods for example, do not buy them as they will probably be scams and they will not accept paypal, sometimes old inacctive accounts are hi-hijacked by fraudsters and used to sell items and make a quick buck before ebay suspends them.
  • Dont purchase from a seller that has been on ebay a long time but never really used it until recently -  Mainly chinese fraudsters open ebay accounts and leave them open for years and then they start using them, they generate small amount of feedback and then sell electronic items for cheap and sine the have been a member for a long time a lot of people trust them, dont buy if this is the case.
  • Dont pay using western union - For one your money can not be tracked and who recives it at the other end could be any one around the world, dont send money for a item using western union, as it is more then likly a scam.
  • Dont pay using paypal unless the seller is verified - Paypal protects you for £500 if the seller is verified but if he/she is not then paypal dont, if you are sending a large sum of money or the seller is selling a lot of items that he/she usually dont, then dont send any money unless the seller is verified, because if the seller does not send a item you are not protected for a single penny.
  • Dont pay using bank transfer - I know you probably think that this is the safest way to send money as you know whos account the money is going into, this is not the case as many of these fraudster make bank accounts using dodgy details so even the bank dont really know who they are, so dont unless the seller is a powerseller or has sold a lot of similar value items in the past send money using bank transfer.
  • Make sure the picture in the listing is from the seller and not a copy - if the seller has put a picture up that is a copy and paste from another sellers or from the internet then how would you know if they really have the item or not, the amswer is you dont, if the seller is actually in possession of the item then they wont have any problem putting up they own picture, unless they aint got a camera, but these days everyone has a phone with a camera so it shouldn't be a problem. Why would you use someone elses picture when you can take your own?

I will have another guide with more help in protecting yourself on ebay so please check them out

Please dont run away if 1 of these points come up when you are looking for a item the seller might be real, but if more hten 1 comes up and please dont bid and lose your money

If you found this guild helpful could you please click use at the bottom as this shows me that my work is being appeciated, and i can produce more guides.

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