Protect Yourself From Scammers - For Sellers

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As a seller myself i know that sometimes something goes wrong during transit and the buyer does not receive the item. This can be a major problem especially if the item has a high value.

Unless the item you are sending has minimal value always pay the extra 70p for recorded delivery as it will minimise the number of buyers who claim they never received the item. The sole reason for this is that the postman will get a signature and this is your proof of delivery that can be seen online.

One thing that is not clear to inexperienced sellers is that recorded delivery is not trackable until the item actually turns up at the buyers house and a signature is collected. This can result in various problems:

1. If the item does go missing the tracking number you give paypal if the buyer makes a claim will show on the royal mail website as not existing which will do no good if you want to dispute the claim.

2. If the postman does not do his job properly then no signature will be taken and the item will be left on the door step or pushed through the letter box, this means the buyer has actually received the item but you have no proof and will be liable if they make a paypal claim.

3. If the item does go missing then royal mail will only compensate up to the price you paid for the item regardless of how much you sold the item for. For example, say you import from America and buy a computer for $500 but sell it for £500, the value according to royal mail will be $500 (£250) and not the selling price, this gives us sellers a HUGE problem as you will be out of pocket by £250! Please note that was not a great example because recorded delivery is only insured up to £34.

Due to all the problems that recorded delivery brings then you are pushed into using special delivery which pushes up your postage charges but gives you some peace of mind. Special delivery costs from £4.30 but is trackable online as soon as it is accepted at the post office which is great for paypal disputes. Special delivery also includes enhanced compensation up to £500.00 but yet again includes the same rubbish rules on how royal mail calculate the value. Another great reason for you to use special delivery is that very very very few go missing compared to recorded and normal delivery,

The most important thing for you, the seller, to do is make sure you have weighed up al the costs and benefits of all services before just immediately choosing the cheapest method especially when you know that the royal mail compensation can take 3 months as they ALWAYS drag their heels and leave us out of pocket.

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