Protect your Hair from damaging sun rays.

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Hair can become very damaged by many things: from styling to environmental conditions. Therefore, it's important to give it the right kind of care to recover from this. Damaged hair looks and feels brittle and coarse, and can often be difficult to style. If you want to put glow and shine back into your locks start with using the correct products: correct shampoo and conditioner

  • What does shampoo actually do?

Shampoo acts as a wetting agent, this allows the grease and dirt to mix with the water and be rinsed out of the hair.  The wetting agent ‘shampoo’ reduces surface tension on the scalp and increases the spreading and penetrating ability of liquid over the scalp.  Shampoo molecules attach to the dirt, grease and oil in the hair and when the hair is rinsed these are removed. 

We recommend Wella Sp Repair Shampoo it will gently clean the hair, repair it and give an even structure to improve comb-ability.

  • Why do you need a conditioner?

While shampoos represent the most common type of hair product, conditioners are a close second. They are designed to improve the look and feel and condition of the hair.

Conditioners are applied to the hair after shampooing. They are allowed to stay in the hair a short time (say 30 seconds to a couple of minutes) then rinsed. After being rinsed thoroughly, they make the hair easier to comb, frizz-free, soft feeling, reduce static charges, improve shine, and protect hair from future damage.

Conditioners contain a variety of conditioning and moisturizing ingredients that are left behind on the hair after rinsing and affect the hair condition. This is a key concept in conditioning. For a hair conditioner to work, it has to be left behind on the surface. The primary conditioning agents in the product are attracted to the negatively charged, damaged protein sites on the hair. This positive/negative interaction prevents them from being removed. On hair they coat the fibres and counteract the problem characteristics such as dry and oily hair. 

  • Extra treatment

With everyone wanting sleek, manageable well-conditioned hair but unable to allocate time to visit the salon weekly for conditioning treatments I would always recommend a mask to be applied at home.  This could be used at home and left on for as long as possible, whether it is in the bath on a Sunday evening or during the household chores.  This weekly treatment will hydrate even the thirstiest of hair leaving it in the best condition.  

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