Protecting your pictures by watermarking

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Does it frustrate you when other ebay sellers simply steal your pictures to use on there listings? it frustrates me especially when I have put time and effort into taking descent pictures. When someone uses your pictures you cant really do anything about it, because you cant prove they were yours.

But placing text or a small logo on top off your pictures can easily solve this. This will detour other sellers from using these pictures, and if you do you can prove they are yours.

There is many ways to watermark photos, some people have special software to do this. Some people watermark buy just adding text, some with pictures, and some emboss their logos, or make them transparent.

If you are familiar with PhotoShop, or other software packages and you have this you can probably create a great looking watermark yourself, but if you don’t, don’t worry you can simply use something like paint.

How to watermark, using paint.

1.) Create an image, logo, or just simple text.
(this is to be used as your watermark)
2.) Open the picture of your product in paint

3.) Simply copy and paste your logo into paint (size it so it is quite small but still noticeable.(if you make it too small the text/logo wont be viewable, too big and it makes the picture look bad)
4.) Position your watermark. (Corners are good places to put them)

5.) You’re done! Save, and upload your new watermarked image to ebay


Thanks for viewing my guide on watermarking. Please look at My ebay Me page.

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