Public Domain - Easy Money?

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Is making money from the public domain as easy as some would have you think?

The concept is there, we all agree on that, but how easy is it really?  Today we will look at the public domain fenominum that is sweeping eBay and the net in hope of getting some answers. 

What Is Public Domain Material?

In a nutshell, Public Domain works are material that is no longer under copyright, the copyright has expired or is not covered by copyright.  This includes work by the US Government, jokes, phrases etc.

How Do I Profit From The Public Domain?

You can take this material, rebrand, repackage and resell the material and make 100% profits from it.

That's Great - Where Do I Find It?

This is where most people fall short.  There are lots of places out there that claim to have vast libraries of material in the public domain.  Most will want to charge you for looking at it.  There are some very good free sites though to be fair.  But the chances of finding material good enough and relevant is slim.

There are lots of people who have done this and gone on to be multi millionaires.  I have spent hours myself trawling through the websites etc to find material for rebranding.  Although I have had some success, I have not yet made the millionaire status.

All in all, if you do come across public domain material, grab it quick.  The profits are there to be had, but it can be a long hard struggle to find it.

In my own view, I think that this is a worthwhile exercise.  Imagine if you set aside an hour a week for your search, the time is well spent when you look at the potential that you can achieve.

Remember:  If you always do what you have always done - You will always get what you have always got.

Take Care

Kelly - Making eBay Easy

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