Pupabag Rude no Returns False Advertising

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I am writing this guide as a few of us on my mums message board have had bad experiences with this woman. I would not recommend anyone to buy from her.

If you want a nice snuggle, buy a Buggy Snuggle, or buy from the Snunkie lady as those are Custom made and if they dont fit, she is very accomodating to rectify the problem and she would not sent out a dirty faulty product.

The items on her webpage do not represent the actual product.

The colours are totally made up in post production which as a retoucher and photographer I can easily tell as a few very obviously show the extremely over adjusted contrast, which also affects the colour and all over look of the material used for the items.

I purchased a cosytoes which has the slits for the harness in the wrong place so it drags on the floor on a stroller or catches on the wheel of the 3wheeler and does not go all the way up to the top to even tie on even so it is shown on the webpage on the older model of the phil+ted i bought it for, where the back is actually higher.

The snuggle also had marks as it arrived, I sent an email with the points in question and photographs to illustrate this, and was offered a part refund expected to pay postage to return item and to purchase new not faulty anymore item.

I opened a paypal dispute, which she then lied in saying I was offerd an exchange which I wasnt, but is what I asked for in the very first email I sent, she then escalated to claim and I apparently cant get a refund.

I am now left out of pocket with a faulty cosytoes, and had to buy another one, as I cant have my baby go without in this weather.

And the only thing I am left with now is to make an official complaint to Trading Standards and write this guide to warn people not to fall into this trap.


So if you have been ripped off and left with a faulty or totally not like in the picture item, or out of pocket for a part refund after no doubt rude emails or no replies, please vote for this guide so it is visible to people.


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