Purchase an item from a UK seller & it comes from China

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It really annoys me that I purchase an item from a UK seller, which states that it comes from somewhere in the UK, and then when it arrives over 2 weeks later it has come from China or some other country outside of the UK.

On one occasion I purchased a Nintendo DS from a company in London and it arrived 17 days later and it had writing on it saying it was dispatched from Hong Kong 2 days after I paid for the item and then about 3 weeks later I received an invoice saying that I owed just over £40 in VAT and charges for importing it into the UK.  Yes I am glad that it was posted quickly after I paid for it on eBay, but these sellers should make it clear that the items are not coming from the UK.  Or maybe it is eBays fault that they are showing a companys' registered main office address rather than the dispatch address on the auction page.  However sometimes this occurs with normal personal accounts and not just business accounts.

When I am looking at items to purchase on eBay, I specifically click on the UK only items as I know that items from outside the UK can take a while to arrive and several weeks later you get a huge bill to pay a random VAT and import tax that was not mentioned in the auction.


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