Purchasing Body Jewellery on Ebay

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This guide has been written by Bodybars to help you purchase your body jewellery on Ebay

When purchasing Body Jewellery its important to check that the bars or shaft of your belly bar are made from 316L Surgical grade steel, End parts like dangles can be made from Sterling Silver but not the actual section that is located internally within the body, as this will not comply with the EU nickel Directive. 

Titanium is another common material used in Body Piercing Jewellery, normally for its lightweight properties, Titanium adonised is a 316L surgical Steel bar overlaid with Titanium.


All bar measurements should be given in UK sizes, and measured internally not including the top ball or bottom ball, this applies to all products except ball closure rings or BCR's as they are better known, which are measured by the diameter, this measurement is taken from the inner side to the inner side. If you are unsure of your size simply measure a piece of jewellery you know fits well or visit your local piercing shop !. When choosing your jewellery you should ensure that the top ball does not protude from the skin by more than 3mm when pushed or does not pinch the skin at the bottom, both can cause your piercing to become sore or swollen. Then we have the gauge of the jewellery which is the thickness of the bar itself, The normal UK Gauge for a Belly Bar is 1.6.

We provide a UK - US Sizing chart in our ebay shop. US - UK Size Chart


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