Purchasing Condoms off ebay UK

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Here are our top tips for purchasing condoms of eBay UK.

It is our intention that this is 100% impartial. The purpose of this guide is to increase confidence in consumers to purchase condoms off eBay UK, not to drive business to our shop.

1. Most regular condom sellers on eBay are honest and good people. We would reccomend you only purchase off those sellers/companies whose business is clearly selling condoms on eBay.

2. Buy from a seller who has a shop, lots of products available and lots of historic feedback. This is simply so you know there have been satisfied customers before you.

3. We reccomend you only purchase CE marked items. If the seller does not specify that the condoms are CE certified, then it is likely they have been manufactured for the American or Chinese markets. We will not comment on whether condoms manufactured for the American or Chinese markets are safe or not, but with a product like this, its better to be safe than sorry. Note that common American Durex styles to watch out for are 'Her Sensation', 'Intense Sensation', 'Colours & Scents', High Sensation', 'Maximum Love', 'Natural Feeling', & 'Extra Sensitive'.

(Note that it is illegal under European Law for certain products to be sold to European customers if they are not CE marked. Condoms are included in this).

4. Watch out for sellers shipping from either the USA, China, Singapore or Hong Kong. Not only will these items take too long to arrive but are likely to have to pay duty on the items back in the UK if its value is more than £14. The biggest give-away is low purchase costs and P&P costs which exceed or match the item value.

5. Read the sellers feedback.

6. Read the sellers feedback again. Make sure that your seller is a trusted condom seller with thousands of positive feedback scores.

7. Have fun!


If you have any comments or you think this guide should include something more, please email me.

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