Purchasing car mats - A guide for everyone

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Ever realised that your car mats are worn? Feel like they need replacing or maybe you have just purchased a new car and it has no mats what so ever in it then you probably search on here to find the mats. The thing you probabaly realise is that there are just so many to choose from so below is a guide of all the different types of mats available and how the rate, It may help you decide what your going to buy!

First things first you have a choice of either carpet or rubber. Experience suggests that rubber is in fact overtly expensive and really doesnt outlast the life of good quality conventional carpet mats, so unless your on a building site 7 days a week or work in the jungle then its better to look for a set of carpet mats.

Theres such a range of carpet mats out there, the first thing you need to decide is the quality of carpet you like, as quality of carpet will decide the price you pay, you will see lots of items ranging with different qualities and types on offer. In essence there are three grades of carpet, the basic

Basic carpet- Normal grade carpet of average quality with no real va va voom factor, expect to pay around the 25 mark for a set of these.

Medium carpet- Better quality in carpet however no real difference in feel. Normally at an additional premium of 20-30 per cent

Higher level- often referred to as the super deluxe, luxury, deep pile is the higher end of the market, a proper deep grain carpet with lots of thickness and a 'home carpet' feel normally very thick and of considerable quality, expect to pay just short of the basic set of car mats

So with all these choices its fairly simply if you like your car, its of considerable value or are a fan of premium items then the luxury mats are for you, if your buying to put in a car ie trade customer request etc then the cheap stuff is the best option as its evident that they all have a similar life span regardless of thickness and pile.

One final tip when searching for your set of mats check to see if your car has clips for the mats to be located as this is not always a gimme and find ones that do and if your searching then include the full car and year or make so it will bring up the best matches for your car

Hope this helps in the wonderful land of car carpet mats

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