Purchasing form Ebay shops

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Be very aware of purchasing ofrom ebay shops.

I have recenty experienced asking a question to an ebay shop relating to a tartan fly plaid, they had advertised many, however there were no auctions for the tartan I required.

I was sent a Paypal invoice, with no postal address to send payment to, I dutifully paid the invoice and awaited delivery of the product.  Product being a 40"x40" Fly Plaid in pure 100% wool.

What arrived a week later was a substandard piece of cloth in some random tartan that did not match any of the variants of my family tartan.

Once i had noticed this error (a couple of weeks had passed as I was awaiting delivery of my kilt) and contacted the seller, Tartanclan44, I was greeted with a torade of abuse, and called a Liar, a cheat and a thief!

Paypal are unable to resolve this situation due to it being sold outside of ebay (unknown to me!) I am therefore left with a useless piece of tat!

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