Pushchairs and shopping

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HANGING SHOPPING ON YOUR PUSHCHAIR HANDLES INVALIDATES YOUR GUARANTEE IMMEDIATELY. When will people learn about pushchairs and shopping. Working in the nursery industry I see and hear many things. The sole purpose of any pushchair is to transport babies and children, if the particular pram has a shopping basket there is a limit to what they can carry (sorry the 3 for 2 promotion for the crates of beer at the supermarket don't fall into this!!!) even if it is a metal one. I have seen many pushchairs returned for repair to the fabric baskets, with the complaint that the basket has split, on examination scuff marks were found on around 98% and were not repaired or replaced under the guarantee, as this is classed as customer misuse (clearly heavy items have been carried). Looking around I know you can buy weights for the front axles of the pushchairs, so that it will not tip over so easily if you have shopping bags handing from the handles (at the company i work for we do not advise or sell these products), if you have weights on the front and shopping on the back you are putting immense strain on the frame of your pushchair, if the handles of your pushchair fold forward to meet the front wheels you are forcing joints of the framework the wrong way, and when you do use it with only a child it can feel loose and unstable, and it may not fold. My advice is if you are going on a shopping trip with baby, take a runner with you, he can the run between you and the car taking all the bags and leaving you free to buy some more! it also keeps him in trim. If you are spending £100+ on a pushchair love it, clean it, lubricate it, look after it, it is an investment and you want to last, !!!!!!!SO YOU CAN SELL IT ON EBAY!!!!!!!
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