Q Acoustics Q-TV2 TV Speakers

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Bought these to improve the sound from my Samsung 37" LED TV, which has very small speakers so is OK-ish for treble but has poor bass. I not interested in full surround sound, with all those extra boxes and wires, so I was looking for something unobtrusive in the sound bar line.
The Q-TV2 was easy to fit, is nicely unobtrusive with no extra visible wires (just the mains lead) or boxes; the treble speakers just sit at the side of the screen and they're reasonably thin. The side speakers are adjustable in all three planes and for width, so you can get a fit you are happy with. The bass generators are in the main unit which "piggy-backs" on the TV and can't be seen - but then bass is omni-directional.
Having fitted the two main support bars to the back of the set, using the VESA mounting points and the appropriate screws and spacers from the good selection provided with the unit, I was then able to zippy-clip all the other TV wires (HDMI's, SCART, etc) to these, which neatened the back of the set - an unexpected bonus. The main unit then just sits into the sockets at the bottom of these brackets and swings in to clip at the top. Then there's a couple of security pins to drop in to make sure it stays there and it's fitted
The sound improvement is impressive (particularly the bass). Sound volume is controlled by my TV/Sky remotes so I don't need to use the additional remote included, but I think this depends on the TV model.
The sensitivity was too high for the Samsung when I first fitted it - the TV volume level had to be set very low for normal listening, way down in single figures, and there was a background hum when the sound was quiet. Also the granularity of the control was too coarse; just one unit on the TV volume scale gave a really significant sound level increase, making it difficult to find the ideal sound level. I fixed this by buying an inexpensive in-line attenuator from Maplins, turned the resistance on it up so I then had to increase the Q-TV2 volume to hear the TV at normal volume and the hum was fixed; the control was then also much less sensitive and could be turned up and down in much smaller increments, making finding the right level easy.
The Q-TV2 is fairly heavy, so the TV does tend to rock a little more if it's nudged (but who nudges a TV regularly?) - the Samsung stand is pretty good, but this might be an issue for cheap TVs with flimsy stands.
Overall? Very impressed and I would definitely buy again or recommend for a thin TV with poor speakers.
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