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A thoroughly recommended 45 Watts/channel into eight ohms stereo power amplifier.  Its quite small but heavyweight and is unconditionally stable with any kind of loudspeaker load including of course electrostatic loudspeakers.  Although, its said, the design is quite dated with transistor triples to make up supertransistors in their circuit its still got a rock steady performance and a playing authority which is difficult top match at their typical second hand selling price of up to £200.  Where could you get an amplifier of this quality today for anything like this price.  They were still being produced by Quad in 1990 which is testament to their longevity and there's still thousands out there doing a brilliantly reliable very high quality job.  There's no user controls on the amplifier so it can be connected up then tucked away out of sight.  There's plenty of information online about these legendary amplifiers and a number of firms offering upgrades at very reasonable prices so don't hesitate to buy one if you've a need.  You wont be disappointed but delighted.
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