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I got the Buzz after having the speedi sx and realising at 6 months the seat unit was just too bug fr my boy, and i wanted him to face me. The buzz is gorgeous to look at, and it well made,  but i have to say there are more bad points than good, unless all you want it for is its looks? The tilting back of it is tricky with baby in as you have to use your middles finger to push two clips in down a small gap, and its easy to hurt your  fingers and drop the seat unit to far back so baby flys back and hasnt a clue whats going on! this happened when i was out and i had to ask people to push the seat unit whilst i pressed in the buttons, and they always trapped my fingers.  .  My boy loved it, he could pull himself up on the bar, face me, face away, sleep tilted back, and it was cosey.  For me, i hated it, the steering was dodgy, that small double wheel does not go with  the 2 large rear wheels and pulls to one side, one hand driving or even turning is a no.  The shopping basket is pointless.  After a week i decided i cant be bothered with that.  But the gas folding mechanism is great!! but you do have to take the seat unit of first put it on  the dirty floor before putting it into the car on top of the frame. Buzz for me = Stylish Hassle!!
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