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How do I know I'm Getting an original or good quality item?.It's always best to contact the seller and ask questions like these.

What label is the disc on?. (If you know the label then, if they can't answer you know why).

Is this disc a download program or actual artist and music?.

What format is the disc/dvd?. (If they say + or - then you know it's a copy).

Can you add some other tracks to this disc for me? (copy).

Is this disc in MP3?.(copy)

Did you film this yourself? /is it home made?.(DVD)

Does it come with original packaging?.

Will you refund me if this disc will not play or if it is poor quality?.

And lastly keep all emails and reply's through ebay.This will make sure you have some proof to send ebay if something occurs.I have been caught in the past but don't let this put you off because of idiots.Check feedback and don't leave feedback until you have tested the disc's in different players. (ECD's) don't for example allow you to convert music from disc to MP3 because of encoding but do allow playing in HiFi's (but does not appear in pc's).

Hope this helps. (srprt04).     


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