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Hi there, my name is Emma and i have had alopecia universalis for nearly 13 years now.
I wear my full lace wig (human hair) everyday from morning 'til bedtime so thought that by writing this guide i could let people know a little bit more about the wonder that is 'The lace wig'

Are lace wigs really that good?
In my opinion, Yes! I have tried every wig know to man, including a very expensive wig called a vacume wig and, in my opinion, nothing beats the lace wig (as yet anyway) A lace wig creates an invisible hairline, it actually looks like the hair is growing straight out of your scalp.

How to spot a good lace wig?
The lace should be soft, not sharp. Some companies claim to use high quality lace, but in fact dont. You can tell straight away if the lace is bad quality as it will be sharp and quite stiff. Good quality lace is soft and easily movable.
Also a well made lace wig will have neat and tidy stitching, and on average should take no less than around 30 days to produce (per unit) ask your supplier how long each unit takes to make.
If you have gone for a human hair lace wig the hair should feel super soft and be tangle free, it should also smell quite fresh, i know that may sound a little strange but if the hair smells fusty then thats a pretty good indication that it has, more than likely, been stored somewhere in a plastic bag for a pretty long time.
Youe human hair lace wig should also have an even distribution of hair, thin on one side and thick at the other for example is not acceptable.

Is a full lace wig with stretch best?
This is completely up to the individual of course but i will say that if you are to chose a full lace wig with no stretch section at the crown or across the middle, then your measurements need to be absoluty spot on, otherwise the wig will not only feel a little uncomfortable but it will alse not be as secure as you may have hoped. Wearing a full lace wig with a stretch lace section in it will make the wig feel more snug, which will in turn,  increase your overall confidence in the your new wig.

What is the difference between french and swiss lace?
Both laces will still create an amazingly natural hairline when attatched correctly but i would say that french lace is slightly thicker and best for someone who is new to lace wigs. Swiss lace is thinner and is slightly more likely to tear, so if your a bit of a newbie, try french lace first.

I have no hair at all, is a lace wig for me?
Absolutly!, ordered in the correct size and with a stretch section added to the cap design, a lace wig would be a really great option for you. A material called pu thin skin can be added to the cap design of your wig and the pu thin skin actually clings to the bare scalp, like for me, i love my lace wig to be full lace with pu thin skin sections and perimeter as i feel this is more secure for me. A good supplier should not charge you for these custom designs, i know i dont charge my clients!

How much should i pay for a good lace wig?
Beware of the 22" lace wigs that are under £200. These wigs can not possibly have been produced to the standard that you deserve especially if they are human hair. Remember what i said before about good quality lace and hair. The cheaper wigs on the market will not  last long either. Hair will shed, lace will split and punture, and tears will fall (from your eyes i mean not from the wig!)

How long should my full lace wig last?
This will differ from person to person as we will all treat our wigs differently. I generally get around 12 - 18 months out of my wigs, and i wear them all day, everyday. I never sleep in my full lace wig as this can cause friction and break hairs as well as weaken the cap.I wash and condition my  wig (whilst still on my head) with a mild everyday shamoo and conditioner. One other thing i have learnt is that rubbing conditioner into the base of the unit is not very good for it at all. its loosens and weakens hairs and the base, its not needed either as good quality human hair will be easy to comb through once washed (never comb hair when it is dripping wet)
Human hair can be blow dryed, but a little tip i pass onto my clients is if your an every wash blow dryer,  try alternating between one wash - blow dry and one wash - leave to dry naturally. You'll be amazed at how much longer your full lace wig will last.
So really how long your full lace wig will last is up to you.
Chose wisely when you purchase your wig, and look after it once you have it.

I hope that you have found this guide helpfull, im no writer by any stretch, but i am a 'professional' lace wig wearer who can advise better than any shop assistant or big company who have never even worn a lace wig!

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate in contacting me. I will do all i can to help.

Emma - Advanced Lace Wigs (and professional wig wearer!)
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