Quality used furniture is unbelievable value for money

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I do have a vested interest,  but that aside what I say is undisputable.  Good quality new furniture is expensive both in terms  of monetary value but also in terms of the enviroment. I have sold both new and secondhand furniture and in my opinion used furniture is by far the best value. Let me give you an example, I am as I write selling a beautiful solid oak welsh dresser that was made by the leading reproduction furniture maker in the UK today. Almost the same dresser is still made by the same maker today. My dresser has a price of £995 the new dresser has a retail price guide of about £4500.  If you stood the new one against mine you would be hard pressed to convince me that mine was not the best value.. by miles !!! In defence of the new maker if you wanted a particular size of dresser in a particular colour of stain then you would have to go to the new maker, but when you consider the price differential,  which would you go for? Its also worth bearing in mind that as soon  as you get your new piece home it is then secondhand. You do have to be particular and try to buy furniture that was good quality and expensive when new. Today is no different there are manufacturers of top quality furniture and manufacturers who make furniture to a price. So when buying used make sure you buy quality and a piece in good condition. I will add to this guide in time and hope that you have found it useful
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