Quick Ski Fitness Programme

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Quick Ski Fitness Programme - Essential guide to get yourself into good physical shape for your next skiing holiday.  Follow these simple guidelines and you'll be ready for the skiing trip of a lifetime.


Skiing always has, and always will be a demanding sport on many levels. Not only is it a physically demanding sport but also from the bodies constant need to adapt to extremes of temperature and the stresses related to this on various parts of the body.

Invariably, the fitter you are both cardiovascularly and anaerobically the greater your bodies ability to cope with these extreme conditions.

How to get fit?

Aerobic / Cardiovascular fitness:

  • Very important as this helps to circulate the blood to the areas most wanting during exercise.
  • Look to do a minimum of 30 minutes exercises that elevate the heart rate three times a week.
  • If returning to exercise after a long lay off, avoid full weight bearing exercise such as jogging.  Look to use cycling, rowing, elliptical trainer or swimming in the first 6 weeks to get your body ready for more aggressive exercise.

Anaerobic fitness:

  • This type of fitness kicks in when the bodies supply of oxygenated tissue is depleted and your body begins to break down stored energy to provide the extra nutrient to sustain activity.
  • This is all about stamina and endurance. Look to push yourself for short intense and repetitive periods of activity to increase you anaerobic capacity.


  • Often forgot about and potentially an injury saver. Many of us lead fairly sedentary lifestyles albeit for a few weeks of the year when we throw ourselves down mountain slopes or have a quick game of squash at the end of the day or during our lunch hour.
  • Look to improve your overall flexibility of the major muscle groups of the trunk, legs and arms.
  • Look to hold stretches for 20-30 seconds and repeat 12-15 times. There is currently much debate as to the length a stretch should be held and how many repetitions you should perform. The aboe should certainly give you a start and improve your flexibility.
  • The key is to do your stretches as often as possible but go for quality rather than quantity.

Balance and Coordination:

  • This will give you greater body awareness on the mountain.
  • Should be part of your overall conditioning.
  • Useful exercises include wobble boards, view-do balance boards, jump exercises, skipping etc.
  • This will give you a more dynamic range of movement.

Happy Skiing

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