Quinny Fashion - Best Pram Ever

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I bought a Quinny Fashion (long discontinued by Quinny) for £40 from a charity shop for when my young daughter (then 3 or 4) when she couldn't walk far without getting tired after a nasty bug.

At first I didn't think much of it but after looking it over, I soon realised its the best pram I've ever owned and I've owned a fair few for my two children.

It is amazing and don't understand why Quinny stopped making it.


Faces both rearward (parent facing) and forward but taking seat unit right off chassis and turning it round.  Seat unit lays completely flat either way.

Handle has a hand-break on it (mine was removed), and it has multiple positions with the use of a small button either side.

There's a removable bumper bar attached to the seat unit which also has a crotch strap to stop children slipping out under the bumper bar.

Removable hood clips on the chassis, not the seat unit but like the seat unit, it is reversible for whichever way you have the seat unit.  It has a net pocket in the back and can be made smaller by unzipping the extension.

Straps are a little tight for an older child, but I didn't use them for my older child because there's a crotch strap on the bumper bar.

Foot rest in multi-position but goes lower parent facing than when forward facing because of front wheel.

Easy to clip seat unit on and off chassis but I find it easier when parent facing because adaptor holder gets in the way when facing forward.

Easy to fold but need two hands - easy to open with one hand.

All wheels same size, all-terrain/inflatable and all removable.

Foot break, bar really sturdy and strong.

There's a pump holder near the foot break for storing a pump for the wheels.

I bought some carseat/carrycot adaptors for £20 on eBay which allows you to use the a cabriofix Maxi Cosi car seat or the current Dreami carrycot on the chassis.  Some people selling this pram on eBay have said about an older Dreami carrycot which apparently fits straight on the chassis which adaptors but I've not seen one.  Cannot use adaptors while seat unit on chassis as too tight a fit.

Has a large basket which, from experience, can hold a 30-pack coke cans alongside other shopping bags.

When folded, the pram has a convenient carry handle just above where the front wheel is/goes.

Because you can remove the wheels, seat unit, bumper bar and hood, and because the chassis, hood and seat unit (without bumper bar) can go completely flat, I reckon this pram can fit in any size car.  I personally find it really quick and easy to remove and replace everything so shouldn't take long to take apart and put back together.  If just using for a car seat or carrycot, it's alot quicker to dismantle and assemble.

I personally wouldn't use any other pram now.

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