Quinny Fashion and Mothercare Pinnacle

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Hello, having read the report on the Quinny Buzz, I felt I needed to write my own, this time on the Quinny fashion, which is a somewhat older model.  I bought mine five years ago from an independent pram retailer.


I had better go back to the beginning here and explain that I had had a nightmare with Mothercare's Pinnacle three wheeler, which was sold to me as a workhorse and turned out to be a paper tiger.  To cut a long story short, I use my pushchairs for long country walks across all terrains, and I expect an all terrain pushchair to do just that!!  I killed off two Pinnacles (the fixed and swivel front wheel both times!!) before finally giving up.  Each time, Mothercare sent the pushchairs for repair, but this took ages, and although they leant me other pushchairs in the meantime, it was all very inconvenient.  I did, after a battle, get a full refund.

I then bought my Quinny Fashion, which was sold to me by an independent pram retailer as a good sturdy three wheeler which would cope cross-country.  On the whole, I have been very pleased with it, and it has served my two youngest children well over the last five years.   However, the drawbacks are, as your Buzz lady experienced, the space issue - the seat is quite narrow, and the harness is very small, and there is very little head height under the hood.    My eighteen month old son is quite squashed in there now, and he is not particularly large.  Also the tyres puncture very easily - I have gone through no end of inner tubes - my tip is to buy them from a bike shop, not a pram manufacturer, they are a fraction  of the price!!  I have tried all the bike tricks, slime to go in the tubes, tube liners, etc, to no avail.

My final moan about the Quinny is that it is incredibly heavy and very bulky when folded.  I have got round this by only using it at home, and taking another lighter three wheeler (donated by a friend) out and about with me, but this is obviously an added consideration, particularly if, like me, you have had cesarian sections.

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