Quinny Freestyle 3XL exspensive but worth the money

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Price & stockists: (with a link if possible)seems to be £300-£450 but always lots less on ebay Dorel Uk are main UK stockists

Weight & dimensions:Folded Width 16.54 in. Folded Depth 26.38 in. Folded Height 39.37 in. Weight 28.66 lb

Age range: from 6 months to about 4yrs

Forward/rear facing or both: forward but will take a car seat that is rear facing and takes a dreami carrycot

Is it travel system compatible, if so which car seats will it take: Not travel system but maxi Cosi Cabrio fits onto frame

Shopping basket size/accessibility: Big enough for me and i like shopping! Easily accessable and also has large back pocket, wallet pocket and mobile phone pocket

Type of fold and ease of folding: not umbrella other type (can't rember the technical word for it) but very easy to do.

Accessories available: Dreami Carrycot, maxi Cosi CAr Seat. It's got a bell - ting ting!

Steerable with one hand: Yes fantastically

Where do you normally use the buggy: (ie town or country)town and country up hill and on the beach

Hard or pneumatic tyres:pneumatic

Can you fold it/open it with one hand: no needs 2 hands

Do you get comments on it when you are out? No comments but lots of looks

What kind of car is it normally transported in, have you had any problems getting it into a particular car? renault Megane (which has a quite small boot) it has 3 removable wheels and I have to take just one off to fit it in but they go on and off with quick release so no hassle at all

Is it easy to use on public transport? I'll come back and trell you after my 5 hour train journey this weekend

Can the fabrics be removed for cleaning? Yes I guess so but i just sponge it. It canvas not soft cloth

Pros & cons:It big in the boot and it needs 2 hands to fold but it has a very easy fold mechanism and is very roomy - but that might be a problem when they are very small. It's sturdy and rugged and tackles rough hills and the beacxh with no problem but alos steers well around the shops. It doesn't have a bar acrodd teh front that you put toys on but it hasn't been missed. The seat reclines but not fully flat which is a shame.

Anything else you’d like to add:I love it - it's got rear suspension springs and absorbs a lot of bounce.

Summary:Can i say i love it again!

Would you recommend it to others?Yes if you wan tto go off road

Marks out of 10 9

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