Quinny Zapp

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We bought a quinny Zapp as everyone we know was going on about how great they are ect, we liked the look of it so decided to give it a go..after having 3 daughters ive had loads of prams/pushchairs in the past.. all different makes, but ive never had a Quinny.

Most buggys come with four wheels and a boxy design, but the Zapp has been made with easy handling in mind - hence well-formed handles and three wide wheels to help you navigate your way around tight corners easier. you can ZAPP in and out of crowded shopping areas with ease, the front wheel turns so easily you can even push the buggy with just one hand!

I found the seating position to be ok for my 21 month old daughter, however i wouldnt reccomend it for a very young baby...they say the Quinny is suitable from 6 months old, but if the baby falls asleep it is very uncomfortable for them as their heads loll forward,we took our Zapp to butlins with us and my daughter was so tierd she fell asleep, i had to tilt the whole buggy back and rest it on my legs and hold it just so she was comfortable..its a good job i had taken our mamas and papas pliko with us so she was comfortable on the night.

The Zapp has two kind of foot rests, one higher up, or when the child gets older they can slot their feet into the little gaps at the bottom, i dont find this to be a problem, and my daughter sits comfortably no problem.

The other problem i noticed is that you cant put any bags on the handle bars at all, even one bag can tip the buggy up.You can purchase a shopping basket separtly but these are quite expensive for what they are.

Also as the quinny Zapp has only one small front wheel, i found that when you go down steps you have to be very careful as the buggy tips goes to one side, and when you go up a big step the metal bar underneath the buggy makes it really hard to lever the buggy up.

I have had some problems with the folding and unfolding of the buggy, its very cumbersome and annoying! I can deal with getting it in and out of the car but wouldnt wantto mess about with it when getting on public transport, you also have to use both hands, which can be difficult if you are on your own with your baby.

The look of the Quinny Zapp is really cool! with its space age design and sleek metal bars, it cartainly turns heads when your out! ive even had people come up to me and ask where i got it from..Ebay of course!

So there you have it, i personaly with give the quinny Zapp 6/10

Overall a very easy and nice buggy to manouver, great look to it, and good for quick shopping trips, dont recommend for long days out, awkward to open/close, and no where to put your shopping!

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