Quinny Zapp

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I was so excited about getting my quinny zapp - as they seemed very popular! I brought it to take to Spain with me, as I was travelling on my own with baby, and needed to keep stuff that I lugged about as light as possible.

To be honest - I wish i'd never bothered! First problem...although i have 3 boys and have worked my way through an undisclosed amount (too many to mention) of buggys / prams it STILL took me 2 hours!!!!! to open the damn thing up and get it ready to recieve a car seat (as my son was only 4 months and too small for the buggy itself!)- i was sweating and very irrate by the time i managed to get it up - my first thoughts were OMG - how am i going to do this at the airport - everyone will think me incapable.


The second problem was that i could not seem to get the car seat on and off easily - i struggled - and still do to find the right holes to click it into - it needs at LEAST 2 people to do this, and 10 mins of your time! By this time the baby has woken up anyway!


The third problem was the actual stabilty of the buggy - THE most rickety buggy I have EVER owned - to be honest - you could GIVE it to me and I would't want it - it bends constantly - god knows how it holds a baby!


I have brought a lot of rubbish that my baby doesn't actually need ... and this HAS to take the prize for most USELESS item! So what it folds up small - but it weighs just as much as a decent pram - and quite frankly it doesn't feel safe! No I won't be reccomending these!

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