Quinny Zapp

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I am sharing my experience with this buggy as I think I was caught up by the hype when I bought it & whilst it is indeed small & light and turns easily, based on my experiences, it has the following problems - maybe if you read this it will help you work out if the buggy is for you.

1. For day to day use on anything other than perfectly smooth pavements or in shops - your poor child will get shaken to pieces. If you live in an eg. "olde worlde" town with uneven pavements, or the like - this buggy is definitely not for you.
2. It automatically brakes (comes to an instant stop) when a small stone chipping gets into the wheels as the gap between wheel and brake part is narrow - this can be REALLY dangerous - and my husband actually (TRUELY) went head over the pram when he was pushing at a fast walking pace. The pram catapulted over with him & thank goodness our child was well strapped in and was suffured no injury, just a bit shocked - which is more than can be said for my husband & his glasses! NEVER EVER let your child sit in this buggy without doing up the straps (which is true for all buggies - but this one is really serious.) With me, the pram brakes on the side where the stone is and veres the other way - which is a bit dangerous when on a narrow path - also getting jabbed in the stomach with a stationary buggy handle is not so nice, this happens regularly as we live on a street where a lot of people have stone pebble off road parking - so small pebbles/ chippings litter the pavements.
3. Due to it's lightness it really is unstable - so do not think about hanging anything on the back. You can now buy a small net to fit underneath from Quinny (....for 21 pounds!!) which is a lot when you think most buggys come fitted with a shopping storage part.  Our child managed to tip it backward just by banging her feet up & down when nothing was hanging off the back.
4. You need 2 hands and have to grovel on the floor to fold it down.

The follwoing are specific to our buggy & whilst I am sure this does not happen to many and for the price of the item I don't think it should happen to any :-
5. After 2 weeks one of the knobs which click into place when you fold it up or down stopped working on ours - we sent it back to the shop - who sent it back to the manufacturer - and after 4 weeks (SERVICE??) we got it back in exactly the same state as we sent it. Only after I went into the shop again and (again) demonstrated that the buggy folded into itself when you tried to push it (ie was still completely unusable) did the understanding shop owner hand us a new buggy and take the arguement up with Dorrel herself! 
To be fair to the manufacturer we experienced that whilst living outside the UK in another European country - but service is service!

So unless you are looking for a small light buggy that you do not intend to use much, or just need it for your car boot to use at the shops, or for plane travel,
& have enough money for 2 buggies - then look elsewhere.

Hope this is helpful for you.

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