Quinny ideal fo holidays

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I read with interest the story on why i sold my quinny and personally couldnt disagree more. The quinny though not ideal for a  young baby to sleep in as it does not lie back is a fantastic holiday buggy. It folds so small and the buggy and bag can be taken on board as hand luggage. So whilst others are trying to retrieve their buggy and luggage whilst carrying a sleeping toddler i was able to place my 28lb toddler straight in to the buggy when i got off the plane and with the help of the neck support cushion which i normally use when she is sleeping in the car seat i made her as comfortable as possible and others had to carry their sleeping toddlers until they could retrieve their buggies.

As for difficulty associated with the width of the buggy I have not perceived such problems. I agree it can be a nuisance if you hit a stone with the front wheel but other than this i would recommend it as a holiday buggy.  The other thing about the quinny is that adaptors are available so that you can remove the seat unit and fit your car seat to the wheels thus overcome the problems associated with sleeping for a younger baby.

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