Qunniy Zapp - Nippy,easy and cool!

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Hi there - thought I'd join in on the Quninny Zapp debate! I've got two children a 3 year old and a 6 month old baby, and I'm a childminder!

I've been through a mothercare detour travel system, a mamas and papas aria, a maclaren stroller and I think I've now found the best one - My Zapp! Its SOOOOOOOOOOOO tiny I love it - it means that I can still have my double buggy in the boot of my car and I can also store my Zapp in there too, perfect as before I had to lug the double out whilst I replaced it with the single etc etc. Both my children love it - I can carry the baby in a carrier whilst the toddler snoozes and the zapp is light enough to still be able to manover the toddler around, the wheels neer 'stick' and jolt the toddler forward as the maclaren did. The zapp seems almost perfect to me - the downsides are the non adjustable height straps - slightly too high for my 6 month old, would be better if I could move them down a notch, as a car seat does. Oh and yes the shopping basket, everyone needs one - but true yes EBAY now sells them.

 I paid £100 for my zapp, delivery free, on ebay - for that price its remains of the best, stylish buggys on the market.

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