R2DToys Revisited

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Recently I received, as no doubt some of you did, an email from "John" at R2DToys proudly announcing he was relaunching the store after some bad experiences for him and his customers. (Read my previous guide for a flavor of that). He pledged that this time things would be different.I therefore sent him a copy of my email detailing the order I placed with R2DToys for a Master Replicas Luke Skywalker Episode IV A New Hope Limited Edition Lightsaber and the fact that havimg taken 145 pounds from my bank account they not only didn't deliver the item but then bounced the refund cheque! I asked if he would now resolve this matter and do the honorable thing and refund the money.

Of course my eamil was met with the usual R2DToys wall of indifference. No refund, no response, no customer service and no courtesy.

It may be a relaunch but it is the relaunch of a disreputable website and disreputable ebay seller. DO NOT BE TAKEN IN AVOID AT ALL COSTS! You have been warned.

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